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Introduction to the 
Metaverse & Web3.0

Test your knowledge of the metaverse and how web3.0 brings the power back to the end-user.

Learn more about us and our mission of
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Web3 Mega Quiz

Dive into this 78 question quiz to test your knowledge on all things Web3. Topics ranging from DeFi to NFTs to Blockchain + more.

Feb 2022

78 Questions

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Mini Quiz de NFTs

¿Listo para ponerte a prueba en todo lo relacionado con las NFTs? ¡Haz este breve mini-cuestionario para ver si pasas la prueba oficial de Degen!

Marzo 2022

17 Preguntas

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Perfect Pitch Quiz

Being a builder takes a lot. One of the things you need to perfect is your pitch. Learn and apply by taking this Perfect Pitch Quiz. Take the short quiz today!

June 2022

13 Questions

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Underdog Protocol

Solana vs. EVM

Do you know the difference between 2 of the biggest chains in the ecosystem? Test your knowledge of SOL and ETH. 

August 2022

20 Questions

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NFT Mini Quiz

Ready to test yourself on all things NFTs? Take this short mini-quiz to see if you pass the official Degen test out there and prove your NFT experience!

March 2022

17 Questions

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Crypto Wallet Quiz

Ready to test your wallet knowledge? From etiquette to understanding what you can do with a wallet, take the 12 question quiz to see if you are crypto champ!

May 2022

12 Questions

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Realm Academy

Intro to the Metaverse & Web3.0

Test your knowledge of the metaverse and how web3.0 brings the power back to the end-user.

June 2022

11 Questions

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DYOR Mini Quiz

Doing your own research in the NFT space is crucial. Test yourself on the etiquette and steps to better set yourself up when joining projects.

March 2022

13 Questions

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DeFi Mini Quiz

The future of finance is decentralized. Test your knowledge in the new financial infrastructure ranging from DEXS to AMM formulas. Receive an NTT after passing! 

May 2022

14 Questions

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Historia del Dinero Quiz

Cripto 1.0 - Tu introducción a la economía cripto

Agosto 2022

13 Questions


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How to Launch Your Own Token

Intro to building a blockchain DApps and setup to get you in a professional environment.


April 2022

20 min

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Fundamentos de

Obtenga una introducción básica a la tecnología Blockchain y comprenda los fundamentos.


April 2022

45  min

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How to Setup Your Own Crypto Wallet

Ready to embark on your Web3 journey?  Learn how to properly setup your crypto wallet and the etiquette to remain safe.


April 2022

June 2022


Why are NTTs Important?

By making a token non-transferable, there can now be legitimate value for earning things. If you own an NTT that means you went through the process and earned it. This could have not been purchased or transferred to you.


Resources to get you started


Everything you need to know about Web3 and the World's update.


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The Ultimate NFT Playbook

We made this Ultimate NFT Playbook to answer all the important questions that pertain to NFTs.

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