Verify your online
learnings on-chain.

With our Proof of Knowledge protocol, the online autodidact
can now verify knowledge and skills via Non-Transferable Tokens. (6).gif

Why does this matter?

Insitutions sometimes exclude many aspiring professionals. The Internet has allowed many to learn for FREE, but never a way to verify those skills. With Blockchain technology and NTTs, this can change.



No decentralized education system for the Internet


No shared trust of what proof of education is


Learners' data stays on educational platforms


Autodidacts have no form of validation


Educators are not properly rewarded



Proof of Education

Verification using Blockchain


Proof of Knowledge


Internet learners identity


Proof of Skill

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Albert Einstein

Meet the team. Three autodidacts building for people like them.

👉 Previous founders. Built and scaled

👉 Several years of experience in the edtech sector

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👉 Founding team has 4+ years of working together

👉 Founders are gen-z autodidacts and believe this 
protocol is the future of education

Agustin Cortes

👉 Mission centric. Education is a holy concept to us

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Carlos Miranda

Frame 14 (12).png

Luis Angel Fausto


Creators of Lirners NFT

A project that represents the Internet learner!

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