Lirn Update: NTTs, MVP Progress, Advisory + more

Updated: Apr 16

An update on what's going on over here at Lirn.

We want to thank those who have been early supporters of our mission and have been sharing what we are building. Gratitude is an understatement. Let’s dive into our major updates! Each update is a building block for Lirn to position itself as a leader of education in the Web3 space.

Here is what we will be covered:

  1. Our full translated NFT Playbook in Spanish via Latinoverse

  2. Viewing your NTTs on OpenSea (Thank you Kudos)

  3. Lirn heads to Launch House?

  4. Lirn and Manos Accelerator

  5. Our Current MVP Progress

  6. Lirn’s Smart Contract

  7. Educator Partnerships

  8. Orlando Gomez comes as an Advisor

Phew! Lots to cover, so let’s begin!


NFT Playbook Has been Translated in Spanish

When we set out to create educational resources, we knew we wanted to focus on accessibility and access to this info. Agustin wrote the first version in English in a very easy and digestible manner for newbies in the space. As we progressed with building our community, we made sure to focus on very intentional partnerships with other projects and groups in the space. We were fortunate enough to cultivate a bond with the Latinoverse team. They are a team made up of 4 brothers, Omar, Cain, Martin, and Ulysses, that aim to provide quality content about the Web3 space in Spanish. When we got a chance to meet them at an LA NFT event called Supermint, it was a wrap. We clicked as if we had found our long lost brothers. We connected so well and the serendipity was too strong to ignore. “Why not partner? We’re both in the education space. Let's combine worlds.” We asked if they could help us translate the playbook for our Spanish speaking peers. “Say less,” they responded. You can find the Spanish version here: Our gratitude to Latinoverse is immense. Please take a look at what they are building and the amazing team behind it!

NTTs are Now Viewable on OpenSea

Thanks to our great partners over at Kudos, you can now view your NTTs on OpenSea. Kudos have migrated from Gnosis chain to Polygon. They are an amazing example of taking input from their community and providing value. Kudos aims to provide online reputation through badges. Onboarded to a DAO? Kudos

Won a Hackathon? Kudos

Passed a Quiz on Solidity? Kudos

The team over at Kudos is amazing! We truly thank them for their support in our efforts of verifying knowledge on-chain. When you receive and claim your NTT, you can head on over to OpenSea, navigate to your profile, and under the hidden tab, you shall see your NTT. This is a big step towards a better adoption of this technology with a platform many NFT/Web3 natives know about. LFG!

Lirn is Headed to Launch House?

Our application to Launch House has been accepted! What is Launch House? A social club for founders, engineers and investors united by the central belief that the purpose of life is to build things with your friends that make the world a better place. This is a grand opportunity for us as we get a chance to connect with other founders, learn, and also connect with potential investors. We are beyond lucky for an opportunity like this and we hope you are all as excited as we are. More updates on this soon!

Lirn and Manos accelerator

Lirn has been accepted into the Manos Accelerator! We have also been honored with an acceptance into this amazing accelerator that focuses on Latino/a based founders. This would consist of 3 months with focuses on deck completion, financial modeling, and introductions to investors. We have met the amazing team over at Manos and they are excited to have us join. This would take place from May-July in their San Jose, CA offices. Another great opportunity for Lirn to keep moving the needle on a new system of verified knowledge.

S/o to our brother Tony ( for being an amazing connector.

Our Current MVP Progress

We are moving quickly to take our current designs into development. Luis and Carlos have been working closely in this process. One of our core values is simplicity. In designing, we focus on making complex things simple for the user to navigate. Again, as our first iteration comes soon, it will be super simple. We will continue gathering input and ideas to keep ideating the platform to ultimately provide the best learning platform for autodidacts.

Our Smart Contract

As we head into development, Carlos has been hard at work with our contract for our NTT issuance. We have decided that we are going to build on Polygon. This will allow for ease of minting, low fees, and the ability to leverage the EVM ecosystem. Carlos has been testing our current contract and it looks like we are well on our way to completion. Since there is no real standard put in place for NTTs (yet), Carlos is utilizing his skills to learn fast and find info that is available to aid him in his build. If you find the time, please go give him a virtual pat in the back. He’s locked and loaded!

Educator Partnerships

We have been very intentional with our new partnerships. With that being said, we aim to provide our first courses very soon. We have been in talks with a growing collective teaching the basics of blockchain and Web3. Also, we have been in talks with a great dev in the space to provide an entry level developer course for Lirn. With these partnerships, we aim to truly foster the essence of the autodidact way and truly verify online learning.

More on these as we set out the logistics with each partner. LFG!

Our first advisor, Orlando Gomez

Orlando has become our first advisor. His story is very impactful to many around him. Getting to know Orlando throughout this time, we feel as if we found a long lost brother. As we develop as a team, OG brings value from the finance sector to startup culture.

We got the chance to meet with him to discuss the goal and the next steps as we lean into raising our Pre-Seed. Stay on the lookout for more updates on this side of things. In the meantime, please go give OG a follow and give this man his flowers.


As we continue to focus on our build, we truly want to thank you for being here so early. Building takes time. Asking for patience is hard, but together we can keep navigating through these waters and come out offering the best system to a new way of learning.

Bitcoin changed money.

Lirn will change education.

Onward we go!

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