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Web3 is here.
Learn everything you need to know about the World's biggest update.

Ready to take the Web3 plunge? You can now learn all things Web3 in our fully comprehensive ebook! The buildout of the future is happening as we speak in Web3, do not miss you chance to be early. Learn Web3 today.

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What You'll Learn

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Intro to Blockchain

Learn about the history of Blockchain, the philosophy it aims to establish, and how they are ledgers of truth.



Learn what NFTs are, why they matter, and what they offer to the whole ecosystem of Web3. The future of digital ownership.

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Learn about all the different types of cryptocurrencies, inflation/deflation, and exchanges to purchase.


Decentralized Finance

Learn about a new way to do finance. Learn about exchanges, liquidity pools, yields, and automated market makers.



The study, analysis, and design of economies built on blockchain infrastructure to incentivize human behavior.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Learn about a new way to conduct business on the Internet. Learn how to structure a DAO and how to incentivize it's contributors.



Learn about new programmable forms of value through tokens.



Learn about your Internet passport. Whether you are buying NFTs or sending crypto, understand how wallets could be the new form of digital identity.

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+ so much more that Web3 offers

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A Note from the Author

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Agustin Cortes

My name is Agustin Cortes, and a little overview about me is that I am an autodidact edtech founder who gets monomaniacal obsession about new domains every few months. These domains can range from cognitive psychology to socioeconomic systems.

I decided to write this because I felt that there wasn’t a single resource out there that gave the holistic viewpoint of the change that web3 is bringing. Most of the information on the web is scattered and is focused on the tidbits of what is happening, rather than focusing on the core concepts of web3. A lil fun fact is that at the time I started writing this, I was reading the Bible and found out that the epistemological definition of the word bible means the book of books. In a way that is the goal for this book, make it the book of books for web3. In other words, the single book covers the entire spectrum.

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